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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

A new remix of mine has appeared on the Fluokids blog. Unfortunately, I can’t read French, but it seems to me they are not talking about the song on the blog. Knowing the French it may be better not to have them talk about the music: no news is good news. In any case, the girl in the picture above it is cute, which may be more of the point of the blog. Perhaps the remix is the sound of reversed photos of blond French girls with oversize glasses. I can tell its reversed b/c all the words on her pins are backwards. Yeah, maybe I’ve been looking a little too closely at the image…

Anyway, there’s no reason why you should only be able to listen to the remix on the Fluokids blog. I’ll post it here, as well:


One-Two “O Hot Brain (Ulysses Eats Hot Brains Remix)”

You can also hear the original on One-Two’s MySpace page. Check it out!