Ulysses’ DJ career began in 1991, when he started his university’s first Techno radio show. Shortly after graduating he returned to his hometown and became a player in the late-90’s electro scene in New York, running some of the earliest large-scale electro parties in New York. Guests included legends such as Alexander Robotnick and Arthur Baker, as well as recent stars like I.F., Miss Kitten and the Hacker and Adult.

Ulysses is not only about party promotion, however, and a close look at his diverse musical career will quickly shatter this misconception. Although a long-time advocate of obscure Disco and classic Techno, Ulysses is currently best known for the Piano House anthem “Robotic Hypnotic Adventure” from his Neurotic Drum Band collaboration with John Selway. In addition to the NDB Ulysses collaborates with Thugfucker’s Holmar Filipsson as “Filipsson & Ulysses”, who are releasing soon-to-be classic EPs of emotive electronic disco on Internasjonal and Bearfunk Records. Ulysses still continues to chart his own musical path with an incredible EP of dark Pop for Internasjonal Spesial in the works, as well as some new club-friendly dance tracks on Wurst and a number of remixes.

His music suggests the nostalgic fun of yesterday’s classics without ever overlooking the new sounds of today. Its Ulysses’ unique combination of Dance music’s history and dance music’s ever-changing nature that makes him a unique force in Dance music.


Ulysses EPs
1. Ulysses “Wrong Island EP” Plastic City Suburbia 1999
2. Ulysses “Tribalismo EP” Teknotika Records 2001
3. Ulysses “Aviator Sunglasses EP” Lasergun Records 2001
4. Ulysses “No One Expects It To Last EP” Scatalogics Records 2002
5. Ulysses feat. Dei “But I’m Trying EP” Guidance Records 2003
6. Ulysses “Immaterial” Scatalogics Records 2004
7. Ulysses “Why Don’t You” Play’s Cool Records 2005
8. Ulysses “Stranger EP” Xylophone Jones Recordings 2005
9. Ulysses “Dirty House EP” Scatalogics Records 2005
10. Ulysses and Nicklcat ” Make You Feel Good” MBF Records 2006
11. Ulysses and Unknown “Do The Electric Toothbrush EP” Scatalogics Records 2006
12. Ulysses “Empty Hallways” UFO Records 2007
13. Ulysses “The Wanderings of a Handkerchief EP” Suicide Recordings 2007
14. Ulysses “Resistance EP” Sodium Records Dec 2007
15. Ulysses “Latin Combo/Fun and Games” Wurst Music Co. 2009
16. Ulysses “Gibson in E/ Love Hangover” Internasjonal Records 2010
17. Ulysses “Acid Reflux” Throne of Blood Records 2011
18. Ulysses “The Casual Mystic” The Bunker New York 2014
19. Ulysses “Fanfare in D/Friday Freakout” MePlus1 Records 2014
20. Ulysses “Do That Dance” Kinfolk Records 2014
21. Ulysses “Feelings EP” The Bunker New York 2016

As the Neurotic Drum Band
1. Neurotic Drum Band “Get High in New York City EP” Neurotic Drum Band Records 2002
2. Neurotic Drum Band “Vibrate (In a White Room)” Neurotic Drum Band Records 2004
3. Neurotic Drum Band “Project 6″ Neurotic Drum Band Records 2004
4. Neurotic Drum Band “We’re Gonna Rock New York” Plant Records 2006
5. Neurotic Drum Band “Get High in New York City Remixes” Sodium Records 2006
6. Neurotic Drum Band “Fill in the Blanks” Abe Duque Records 2009
7. Neurotic Drum Band feat. Dei “Neurotic Erotic Adventure EP” Wurst Music Co. 2009
8. Neurotic Drum Band “Robotic Hypnotic Adventure Remixes EP” Wurst Music Co. 2010
9. Neurotic Drum Band “U Got Me Dancin’ EP” Wurst Music Co. 2011

10. Neurotic Drum Band “Cardboard Wings” You Are Hear! Records 2011
11. Neurotic Drum Band “Get Back Into Yourself, featuring Sal P” Throne of Blood 2016

As Filipsson and Ulysses
1. Filipsson and Ulysses “The Endless EP” Bearfunk 2010
2. Filipsson and Ulysses/Valentinoland “Escape From New York/Hlytt og Gott” Internasjonal Records 2010
3. Filipsson and Ulysses “Dynamo EP” Jackoff Records 2010

1. Romatt “New Born Baby (Ulysses Remix 01 + 02)” Earth Project Records 2002
2. Kap10 Kurt “Die Sleeping (Ulysses EBM Remix)” Memory Boy Records 2003
3. Arthur Baker “1000 Years (Ulysses Electro Mix)” Tommy Boy 2003
4. Hong Kong Counterfeit “Plastic Doll (Ulysses Downtempo Mix)” Memory Boy Records 2003
5. Gerry Todd (aka James Duncan) “Fotograph (Ulysses Remix 1 + 2)” Scatalogics Records 2004
6. Responsible Space Playboys “Jack You Fly Girls (Ulysses Dancehall Mix)” Tension Records 2004
7. Le Tigre “After Dark (NDB Discomix + Instrumental Discomix) ” Le Tigre / Chicks on Speed / Universal Records 2005
8. Catanzaro “I Can Still Remember (NDB Freestyle Instrumental Mix/ Radio Edit)” Memory Boy Records 2005
9. Alexander Robotnick “I Remember Kamchaka (Ulysses Rework) Scatalogics Records 2005
10. Sean Danke “Until Further Notice (Ulysses 83 Remix)” Thugfucker Records 2006
11. Frederic De Carvalho “Freak (Neurotic Drum Band Remix)” Absolut Freak Records 2006
12. One-Two “O-Hot Brain (Ulysses Eats Hot Brains Remix)” 2007
13. Jordan Dare “Voyeur11(Boom Music – Ulysses Remix)” Sodium Records 2007
14. Holmar Filipsson & Sasse Lindblad “Lily Luisa (Electric Screwdriver Remix)” 2008
15. Tomas R. Einarsson “Romm Tomm Tomm (Electric Screwdriver Remix)” Pineapple Recordings 2008
16. John Beltran “Here and Now (Ulysses Heart and Soul Remix)” Rhythmic Wave Records 2009
17. Adonis “Clap Me (Ulysses Gonorrhea Remix)” Rhythmic Tech Records 2009
18. Angela K. “Ballad (Neurotic Drum Band Remix and Dub)” Rebirth Records 2009
19. Filipsson and Lindblad “Belfast (Ulysses Remix)” Nang Records 2010
21. Jonathan Kreinik “Someone Out There (Neurotic Drum Band Remix)” – Throne of Blood Records 2010
22. Mano Le Tough “Started Running (Filipsson & Ulysses Remix) Dirt Crew Recordings 2010
23. Marbeya Sound “No Anchor (Neurotic Drum Band Disco Cumbia Remix)” Solardisco 2010
24. Trap.Avoid “Little Countries (NDB Woo Remix)” Dither Down Recordings 2010
25. TNT Subhead “The Deep Shit Show (NDB Remix)” Groovement Records 2010
26. Miracles Club “Light of Love (Neurotic Drum Band Remix)” Cutters Records 2011
27. Miracles Club “Light of Love (Ulysses Beatless Remix)” Cutters Records 2011
28. Chris Carter “Moonlight (Neurotic Drum Band Version”) Optimo Music 2011
29. Remain & Mlle Caro “Heat (Filipsson & Ulysses Jam Hot Remix) Throne of Blood Records 2011
30. 33hz “Stephanie (Ulysses Remix)” Dither Down Records 2011
31. Derek Marin “Midnight Cruiser (Ulysses Remix)” TBA
32. Dr. Shingo “Blue Comet (Ulysses Remix)” Sauroid Records 2011

1. Looping Spork Vol 1. Tuning Spork Records 1999
2. “Girlfriend” on Star To Fuck With Star Whores Vol. 2, Star Whores Records 2002
3. “The Wanderings of a Handkerchief” and “Aviator Sunglasses” on The Lasergun Compilation Vol 1., Lasergun Records 2004
4. Neurotic Drum Band “We’re Gonna Rock New York” on The Sound of Young New York + Toronto, Plant Records 2005
5. “Empty Hallways” on The Lasergun Compilation Vol 2., Lasergun Records 2006
6. Filipsson and Ulysses “Fluffy Amadeus” on Hibernation Vol 1., Bearfunk Records 2009
7. Neurotic Drum Band “We’re Gonna Rock New York (Selway and Ulysses Get Acid in the Club Mix)” on New York Club Classics, Plant Records 2009
8. Ulysses “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Theme” on Nang Presents: From The Stars Vol 1 – Nang Records 2010

Scatalogics Records Releases
SCA001 Ulysses “No One Expects It To Last EP” 2002
SCA002 The Alpha Male (aka Hakan Lidbo) “Le Telephone Call EP” 2003
SCA003 Gerry Todd (aka James Duncan) “Fotograph EP” 2004 (With Remixes by Ulysses)
SCA004 Ulysses “Immaterial EP” 2004
SCA005 Alexander Robotnick “Ciucci Kola EP” (With Remixes By Ulysses, Todd Sines, John Selway aka Memory Boy) 2005
SCA006 Ulysses “Dirty House EP”
SCA007 Ulysses and Unknown “Do The Electric Toothbrush EP” (with Remixes by Holmar Filipsson and Jordan Dare)

Sodium Records Releases
SOD010 Jordan Dare “Voyeur11 (Boom Music)” (with remixes by Ulysses) 2007
SOD011 Ulysses “Resistance EP” (with remixes by Tony Rohr, Nick Chacona & Steph)  2007