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Ulysses at Treehouse this Wednesday

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Hey everyone, just a note from the promoters about the party Ulysses is playing at this Wednesday. Enjoy a rare Ulysses DJ set and a general good time. Come down a support! (more…)

DJ Gig: Space is the Place

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Hey people, just a note to let you know about some DJ gigs your favorite DJ and Chef, Ulysses, is playing at this month. After a (more…)

Two upcoming events for you to be dancing at

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Another week passes and two events have cropped up on my radar. For the people who enjoy a little disco on the weekdays, I’ll be playing at my friend Mike’s new party at Midway. Those as old as I am will remember it’s previous life as “Robots” but that was a long time and two Mayor Guilani terms ago. Still, you can dance if you want to. Stop by and show me what you got. Here’s the flyer:

coin series

Now, after that’s all said and done, there’s going to be another Loft Party this weekend. The last one went so well we were asked to come by and do another one before everyone is forced out of the building. It seems there’s only a few short weeks left before everyone has to leave the building for good. Thanksfully, we have some guests stopping off in town on their way to Miami, so it should be a great time for all involved. Be sure to come by, and be prepared to stay late!


Joshua (aka “Iz”) (Classic, SF)
Thugfucker (Thugfucker Records, NY/Rome)
Ulysses (Scatalogics, Sodium, NYC)
Galen (Tweakin SF)

49 Ann Street, sub-basement
11:30PM on

Google Maps

Nominal Fee at the door.


Loft Party this Satruday

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

ann street flyer

Hey Everybody,

Loft party madness is back. It would be great if you could all come and shake a tail feather.

It’s a loft party in Lower Manhattan, inside an old recording studio. There are two rooms. I’ll be DJing along with my friend and partner Holmar Filipsson in one. FM Belfast, an amazing band from Rekyavik Iceland, will also be playing. They are better than peanut butter and jelly together. I swear.


FM Belfast (Live)
Holmar Filipsson (DJ)
Ulysses (DJ)
+ More!

49 Ann Street, sub-basement
11:30PM on

Google Maps

Nominal Fee at the door. Not sure what, just yet. Stay tuned!


Ulysses at 205 Club Nov 23rd

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Hey everybody! I’ll be playing at a great party the Friday after Thanksgiving at the super-trendy 205 Club. You still have time to cancel your Thanksgiving plans so you can stay in New York and dance your pants off… 😉

It’s to celebrate the release of FM Belfast’s first (of two) EPs on Thugfucker Records. FM Belfast is an awesome threesome from Rekyavik, Iceland, who just recently signed to Sunday Music, in the UK. It’s two men named Árni, and a lady named Örvar. They also recently contributed vocals on a song on Kasper Bjørke’s new album “In Gumbo” on Plant Records/ Sony BMG. They are sure to become superstars at any moment, and this EP will be their first release. Get in on the ground floor, so you can tell your grandkids “I was there when…” You can check out some more tunes on their MySpace page. Here are the details for Friday night:

FM Belfast Record Release Party

For their new EP on Thugfucker Records

FM Belfast, Live (Sunday Music, Fine/Four Music, Thugfucker, Iceland)
Thugfucker DJ Tag Team ( Thugfucker, Brique Rouge Records NY/Rome)
Ulysses (Scatalogics, Sodium, MBF, Thugfucker Records, NY)

205 Club
205 Chrystie Street, at Stanton. New York, NY
$5, or Free with password.

Feel free to forward around… I’ll get the password for free entry the Monday before the party…

Party All The Time

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007


Hey folks, time to dry yourself off and get ready for a real throwdown this Thursday at APT. When confronted with extra Thursdays the folks over there just don’t know what to do, so they did the only thing that made sense: they asked us to come and play. In turn, we’ve asked our good friend and overall nice guy Kap10Kurt to come by and spin a few disks as well. There will be much merriment for all comers, so come down! Here are the details:

at APT 419 West 13th

FREE, 21+ with ID.

HOLMAR FILIPSSON (Thugfucker, Crack&Speed, Moodmusic)
ULYSSES (Scatalogics, Sodium, Suicide)
KAP10KURT (Plant, Kitsune Records)

New DJ Gigs for Ulysses

Friday, July 20th, 2007

For those of you who attended last year’s Cooper-Hewitt Summer Session, you should check out this year’s schedule. Who’s that handsome fellow in the photo we wonder? Hmm…

Ulysses DJing at Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, Summer 2006

If you need a little bit of the full-on Live Ulysses DJ action, stop by one of these two upcoming gigs. They are certain to bring pure chewing satisfaction. I’ll be performing on Wednesday, July 25th at Pianos for Ole’s “Pornography” party, and then again on August 9th at APT, with Holmar Filipsson. There might be some special guests coming through, so be sure to check back with us when we have more details. Here are the specs:

July 25th – Pornography at Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, NY.

August 9th – Ulysses & Holmar Filipsson (aka Electric Screwdriver) at APT, 419 West 13th St, NY.

Ulysses DJs at Pianos Wednesday

Fridays off the 405 Mix

Monday, April 9th, 2007

The Getty Center has posted the Live recording of my set from the party last March. You can stream the set from the site, or you can check it out from my mixes page. I think the second half is the better part, personally.

New DJ mix

Friday, March 30th, 2007

I’ve just uploaded a new DJ mix to my “Mix” section, be sure to check it out. It’s the Neurotic Drum Band recorded Live at Tonic. It was the special “All Acid” party at the weekly “Bunker” party because the night was March 3rd, aka 3/03. Get it? Good. Anyway, czech it out.

Party update

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Hey everyone, we’re happy to announce the addition of Francis “Adultnapper” Harris to the party on Thursday. We thought Francis was going to be away off in Miami, but he doesn’t leave until the day after, so we got him for the record release party.