New DJ Gigs for Ulysses

For those of you who attended last year’s Cooper-Hewitt Summer Session, you should check out this year’s schedule. Who’s that handsome fellow in the photo we wonder? Hmm…

Ulysses DJing at Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, Summer 2006

If you need a little bit of the full-on Live Ulysses DJ action, stop by one of these two upcoming gigs. They are certain to bring pure chewing satisfaction. I’ll be performing on Wednesday, July 25th at Pianos for Ole’s “Pornography” party, and then again on August 9th at APT, with Holmar Filipsson. There might be some special guests coming through, so be sure to check back with us when we have more details. Here are the specs:

July 25th – Pornography at Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, NY.

August 9th – Ulysses & Holmar Filipsson (aka Electric Screwdriver) at APT, 419 West 13th St, NY.

Ulysses DJs at Pianos Wednesday