OK, now you can actually reach us if you want

It recently occurred to us that we’ve had this site up for a while without any contact info. So if you were lucky enough to stumble across our brilliant and insightful website you would have no way of reaching us, other than commenting at the end of a post. Of course, not many people have done that other than people trying to sell me Viagra and Car Insurance… So, without any further ado, I’ve replaced the contact us section of the site. Isn’t that wonderful?

In the meantime, let me update you on some happenings. Sodium Records 10 and 11 are about to be released this Nov 5th. The first 100 copies are to be bundled with a free CD of both releases, as well, so keep your eyes open for it! Here’s a short sample of the records:

Sodium 10
Jordan Dare – Flatline MFs

This is a sample tune from the first release of the recently re-launched Sodium Recordings. Jordan Dare is an amazing producer from Montreal, and also a resident at Tiga’s “I Love Neon” Party. This EP is a stomper, I’m sure you’ll be playing each song so much they’ll have to pry your iPod from your cold, dead hands.

Sodium 11

Ulysses – Resistance (Tony Rohr Remix)

This is the follow-up EP: three dazzling tracks of minimal funk. The original, by moi, is a Kraftwerking funk party. This is a low-quality MP3 link to Tony Rohr’s remix. I know you’re gonna like it. The third mix is by Nick Chacona and Stefny, and it’s a corker. All three will be available online on Nov 19th, after the vinyl/CD release.

Be sure to check your favorite local record shop and online retailer! You can always buy them here: www.newsdistribution.be