Selling Records at the Hester Street Fair this weekend!

hester street fair info

I’ll be selling records this Sunday at the opening weekend of the Hester Street Fair, with my good friend John Selway. Please stop by and help us thin out our record collections. I’m getting rid of some really good stuff this time around, so you won’t want to miss out!

The fair will have more than just records, as well, including food from An Choi and crafts from loads of crafty types. I only really go for music stuff so I’m not terribly interested in all that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be!

If you want to check out the Fair on Saturday my good friend Cowboy Mark from Kill Devil Hill in Greenpoint will be manning our table. Mark has spent many a day behind the counter at Bleeker Bob’s, so he has an unparalleled knowledge of all things musical. Check out his recent all rockabilly set on Beats In Space recently.

The fair is at the intersection of Hester Street and Essex Street, on the side of the Seward Park houses.