Two upcoming events for you to be dancing at

Another week passes and two events have cropped up on my radar. For the people who enjoy a little disco on the weekdays, I’ll be playing at my friend Mike’s new party at Midway. Those as old as I am will remember it’s previous life as “Robots” but that was a long time and two Mayor Guilani terms ago. Still, you can dance if you want to. Stop by and show me what you got. Here’s the flyer:

coin series

Now, after that’s all said and done, there’s going to be another Loft Party this weekend. The last one went so well we were asked to come by and do another one before everyone is forced out of the building. It seems there’s only a few short weeks left before everyone has to leave the building for good. Thanksfully, we have some guests stopping off in town on their way to Miami, so it should be a great time for all involved. Be sure to come by, and be prepared to stay late!


Joshua (aka “Iz”) (Classic, SF)
Thugfucker (Thugfucker Records, NY/Rome)
Ulysses (Scatalogics, Sodium, NYC)
Galen (Tweakin SF)

49 Ann Street, sub-basement
11:30PM on

Google Maps

Nominal Fee at the door.