WebShop now available!

Have you ever found yourself wandering the lonely streets of your own despair wondering why you ever slept on buying those wonderful releases on Scatalogics Records when they were in your local record shop? Not a day passes when you don’t find yourself without them, without love, without. Well have no fear! Now you can purchase Scatalogics MP3s in bulk! Just scoot on down to our technologically savvy webshop and buy yourself a dozen or three! Hooray! March down that street with your head held up high, the joy emanating from your soul so brilliantly that passers-by end up blindly stumbling around and falling.

And for those not sharp enough to notice the hot-link in that last paragraph, just swing on by to the “Record Label” link at the bottom of our right navigation, and you shall find it all there. Just be sure to bring sunglasses.

Here’s a little taste: